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action. james is back home where his wife tells us she must monitor him 24 hours a day along with 28-year-old calvin locknear, police picked up two teens in connection with tuesday's beating. emmanuel mill areand zachary. both face charges except the hate crime because they tell police that locknear was the ring leader in this racial attack. >> we're not in a position to know the full extent of their beliefs and a lot about their lives. >> it's not the group giving the direction, it's the people belonging to the groups for whatever reason who tend to be acting on their own ideology. >> there are 13 known racist groups active in our state including the maryland skinheads. a 2007 documentary you are watching right now is posted on youtube. >>> the world health organization is warning that swine flu could soon explode back on the scene. officials say most countries may see swine flu cases double every three to four days until peak transmission is reached. >>> robert novak will be laid to rest today. he passed away tuesday after a long battle with cancer. he sparked a major controversy after
morning, good day or good evening depending on where you are. if you take a look at the u.s. futures, remember, you have a three-day winning streak as we closed out on wall street. a little bit of strength in the futures if you take a peek at the fair value here today. the dow, nasdaq and the s&p, little change in the fair value. if you take a look at the bund in germany, first we'll take a look at the ten-year bund. set the peace. 3.27% is the yield there and you go home with, viola, 3.42%. we'll call it 20 basis points in your pocket. and the price of gold at this time of the day is going to sell for $940 an ounce. little changed on the session. becky, take it away. >> i want to get back on those euro zone august flash services pmi. it was a reading of 49.5, that is a significant increase from july. still, just fractionally below that 50 par level, if you like, and well ahead of the forecast, as well. 46.5 was what the analysts were looking for there. manufacturing pmi, again, 47.9. ahead of forecasts, ahead of the previous month, but still below that par level by just a fraction.
of the lockerbie bombing were american and on u.s. television last night the condemnation of this prisoner release was clear, before al megrahi even arrived home the state department it announced it had put pressure on the libyan government. >> i think obviously in light of the release, we have had a number of conversations with the government of libya. obviously, he will move back to libya, and we certainly believe that as a convicted criminal, he's not entitled to a hero's welcome. >> reporter: diplomat relations between libya and the u.s. which had been improving could be threatened by these scenes. this year is the 40th anniversary of the al fatah revolution in libya and colonel gadhafi is clearly using al megrahi return as a propaganda coupe despite the fact that this man is a convicted murderer who is termally ill and expected to die within three months. >> that was james blake of itn reporting. >>> the british aren't just talking about how unhappy they are about the way the libyans handled ali al megrahi's return home. they may be prepared to do something about it. prince andrew, the duke o
, the public, the consumer want more government. we want the government to tell us the chances of being struck by an asteroid. we want them to clean up the litter. we want the government to do something about people trapped on airplanes. we want the government to do something about swine flu. we want the government to protect us both physically and increasingly in more subtle ways against disease, climatic change. it is a very difficult issue. what do we want the government to do. if we ask people, they're mostly say they want the government to stop doing all these things that do not affect us and start doing these things. i'll give you an example -- bananas are dying out. bees, little honey bees, we only have about half as many as we used to, but we need them, because without them, there is no food. we have endangered species in the waterways that are changing the nature of those waterways and the aquatics live in them. but are these your concerns? if they are, you what the government to do something about it. if you think that is okay, then you do not. it is a hard call. the problem is not h
it's going to be a hot, huggy one for us tonight. a mix of clouds and clear areas. you see a couple of showers coming in across the mountains moving up into pennsylvania. we'll see showers and thunderstorms later on in the day more towards afternoon and the evening hours. 85 by noon and partly cloudy skies. 89 this afternoon and again, some of the downpours could be heavy. we may need flash flood watches or warnings later on this afternoon. see what's happening on the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: friday is off to a great start as far as the morning commute is concerned. just have a little bit of building volume as you make your way around liberty road towards malt more national pike. no problems on the beltway, either. headed out to the beach as well, route 50 eastbound and the bay bridge are checking in without any problems. on the outer loop on the east side at hartford road, the tire treads remain in the right lane blocking the right lane so use caution if you are traveling that area. checking the jfx, no problems to let you know about. if you are looking for a business that y
and getting hired by contractors, who were being sold back to us by the contractor because we still had needs that over the skill-set that the government employee had. . employee would not grant a for an employee who resigned from the agency for a period of 12 months. that's not retired from the agency. if you put enough years in the agency to be eligible for retirement i said, god bless you, you've put your time on, you can move on. but for resignations, the one tool we had was the clearance process and we simply said if you left here, resigned in the last 12 months you're not getting a clearance. i did not want to become the triple-a farm team for a bunch of organizations around the beltway and provide them trained personnel to sell back to us. that too is government efficiency and it doesn't say anything about the contractors. >> right, right, so basically you were losing all these people that were coming back and had to pay for them. >> yeah. >> jack, in the old days this idea of retiring from the c.i.a. and going back and working for them was, i believe, called double dipping, right? it
. you have helped us to answer the question whether washington is empty in august and the answer is, no, we thank you all for being here with us today for this joint newsmaker and book and author committee event. i am chair of the newsmaker committee and also washington correspondent for workforce management, a business magazine published by crane publications. and the book and author committee chair is andrew schneider and andrew is over here to my right, he's an associate editor at kipling washington editors. this morning we're going to explore the privatization of intelligence, a topic whose news peg was sharpened to my delight by today's front page stories on the c.i.a. outsourcing 2004 operations designed to kill al qaeda leaders. we have an outstanding panel to delve into this topic. general hayden to my left, he's a retired four-star air force general who served as the director for the national security agency from 1999 to 2005, and director of the c.i.a. from 2006 to 2009. to my right, my immediate right, is another former bush administration official michael chertoff who was se
guest: the koppers have a long history here in the u.s. and they can be in different forms. they can be owned by the members themselves and they use their strength as a group to purchase goods or services and the cooperatives of that would be formed across the united states would act in the very same way as they do today. i informed rural illinois and we are very familiar with cooperatives as individuals come together as groups. americans think of themselves as the rugged individualists, but actually, we join groups all the time. and the cooperatives give the power of groups to the individual. i think that it can bring competition to the health care sector. we need greater competition. but we need greater choices for individuals. and that is what i think cooperative's done correctly will do. a cartel, on the other hand, is controlled by the suppliers and their monopolistic -- and they are monopolistic and they do not serve to enhance competition. cartels killed competition. we ought to be careful about the real language that is being used. kecoughtahost: it sounds like ot c
that was an important one he was watching, and he says that could mean that the technicals aren't going to take us much higher from here and that you could see some selling pressure come monday. still, the bull thesis remains. as the buck burns, things priced in dollars continue to reflate. we're seeing that also play out in the overall stock market side. on the fundamental side of the thesis, demand looks like it could potentially be improving. remember, earlier this week we got that very bullish inventory report, and john kilduff of mf global says that he's seeing some strength in the markets with stocks moving higher and also with the idea that perhaps really this is a genuine demand turnaround, that we are seeing some genuine strength in the markets. where we're not seeing strength is in natural gas. that is still on the weak side, rick, and it's more of a u.s.-centric story. natural gas versus oil. natural gas is u.s. oil, more world. back over to you in chicago, rick. >> well, thank you, rebecca. and it has been an unreal world in terms of treasuries this week. first of all, volume's been somewha
street. the dow rose 155 points. so, we turn to bill weir, who is with us tonight. >> reporter: the ride continues, david. we began this week with so many sobering indicators, but we end it with a much-needed shot of optimism, thanks to the fed chief, the stock market, and housing numbers. low prices, low interest rates and soon to expire tax credits are finally luring home buyers to open their checkbooks. >> the dining room is very nice and open. >> reporter: existing home sales in july beat those in june by more than 7%. the biggest one-month jump in a decade. and for the first time in almost three years, month to month home prices went up this summer. tiny, but welcome progress. >> sometime early next summer we expect that both volumes will be up and prices will be up more than inflation. >> reporter: and then there is the surging stock market. the index that drives most mutual funds is on a bull run, up more than 50% since the dark days of march. >> i think that cautiously optimistic is certainly a good way to characterize how market participants are starting to feel. >> reporter: ca
of a house. he escaped after he used his handcuffs to choke a deputy, the deputy lost consciousness and champagne ran away on foot. a tip led them to the home where champagne was hiding out. >> the federal marshals we give them the information they ran with the information. i have no idea how they got the tip. but they got a tip in richmond virginia and looked at that. had the house under observation for two hours, at which time they had belief to believe the gentlemen was in the house. when they entered there was various people in the house, they searched the house twice. they found him within the wall and took him in to custody. >> he was convicted of felony burglary before he made his escape. he will face additional charges including attempted murder for attack on the deputy. >>> at least six police agencyes in the u.s. marshals service all took part in the effort. >>> carroll county, witnesses saw the ultra light engine stop before the accident. the propeller stopped moving. the federal investigators say the control cables were corroded and the fuel may have been contaminated.
to be the worst. >> time flies. it seems like just yesterday. >> chris strong is here and he will prepare us for the worst. we've been through agnes, floyd, katrina. do you think we've learned something? amy from the maryland zoo's here. she always brings in cute creatures. evan from the "baltimore" magazine breaking down what's the future of the baltimore sun. everybody who picks it up cannot believe how thin it is. so we'll find out what the future of the baltimore sun is. >>> we'll talk about the iron girl triathlon coming up on sunday and it's already sold out so forget it. >> it should be good weather. >> and we'll hookup shrimp. we want to say good morning to my man eric. wtmv radio on the fm dial. he's playing honey island swamp band music for us. >> whoa. >> he's a great guy. shaq is coming to town this afternoon. he'll have a press conference with michael phelps tomorrow. i talked to randy for the boys and girls club. they will raise money for them. way to go, shaq, coming to town. what's he going to find weather-wise? >> thunderstorms, what else? at least through tomorrow. you kno
that could further affect the health care reform debate. major garrett joins us live with details. good evening. >> the question is, can you slide $2 trillion under the door? it appears the president and his administration are trying to. a couple of moments ago, the office of management and budget confirmed that a new budget projection for the obama white house for the federal deficit will rise from $7 trillion up to $9 trillion. why? the recession is deeper than thought and will probably last longer or the economic recovery after it will be so shallow so as to not bring revenues back as originally projected. as to health care, the president does not lead chaos behind, but some degree of uncertainty. president obama left for a weeklong family vacation in martha's vineyard with his poll numbers declining and top democrats clashing of the future of the futureoption, a government-financed portion to private insurance market. the number two house democrats steny hoyer told reporters that the party might have to abandon the public option. >> i am for it, but i am also for passing a bill. the
funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. time is running out for auto buyers who want to take advantage of the cash for clunkers program. susan roberts is in washington with the latest on the demise of a four-week-old program that's a victim of its own success. good morning, susan. >> reporter: hey there, susan. good morning to you. the cash for clunkers program will be shut down on monday. the program began winding down when congress realized it didn't have any more money for it. the cash for clunkers program is about to come to a screeching halt. >> we're now slightly victims of success because the thing happened so quick. >> reporter: due to popular demand, the program has already burned through much of its $3 billion funding, forcing the government to shut it down monday night. >> i thought it was going towards the end of the year >> reporter: consumers will now only have a few more days to take advantage of the lucrative rebates, up to $4,500 when they trade in their old guzzlers for more fuel efficient cars. >> we knew it couldn't go on forever. t
alcohol and sugary drinks. they cause you to use more fluids. avoid drinks that are too cold. stay indoors in an air conditioned place. if the ac isn't working, take a cool bath or shower. an electric fan may provide some comfort but will not prevent heat-related illness. if you have to be outside, be outside in the morning and evening hours. all of the football players are expected to be okay, but it is a reminder for all of us to be careful when it's hot outside. linda so, abc 2 news. >>> the only man convicted in the 1988 lockerbie bombing that killed so many people has gotten out after serving a life sentence. he has terminal cancer. he was freed on compassionate grounds. that drew a big protest and outrage from the victims' families right here. he got on a plane and landed to a festive welcome home. many are asking where is the compassion for the victims? a severna park family continues to question this decision. rosemary lost her daughter miriam on the flight. the family says the bomber's release opens old wounds. >> there are now mothers -- >> reporter: there wasn't enough things i
last call. we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us. bill reibill o'reilly is next. we will see you tomorrow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute "the o'reilly factor," is on. >> a fox is the only one clear eyed enough to see them for what they are. bill: john stuart goes after fox news on health care. we will tell you why he did it and how he distorted the record. -- juon stewart goes after fox news. we have the reports on the health-care system in canada. >> oh, my god, it is sarah palin. bill: now they're making fun of sarah palin in the movies. >> i love what you have done with the heads. bill: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." hello, i'm bill o'reilly. president obama goes into preacher mode on health care and that is the subject of the talking points memo. the battle continues between the obama administration and americans to know better. he appealed to religious people by saying it is and more obligation to provide health care who cannot have it. he criticized those who
of that stalled frontal system over west virginia. it has inched boser to us. today and tomorrow. these are the days when the show gets to town and thunderstorms light up the sky. temperatures in the lower 90s. we want to get the rain over on saturday. so we can have a nice second half of the weekend. good morning. >>> tgif, folks. welcome to the week. almost there. hey, let's get started with the capital beltway. this is i-270. traffic is zipping by with no problems. no accidents or incidents to report along the way. interstate 270, what's up on this? live from montgomery village avenue, lanes are wide open to the split and we are watching virginia roads. here's 395. we remain delay free from duke street to the district and map out the dulles toll road. nothing but green cars as drivers make their way past the airport to the toll plaza. we are hopping on 66 which is also a clear commute this morning. andrea, over to you. >>> the government's popular cash for clunkers program has run out of gas and will end on monday evening. the program that was intended to help the auto industr
and will they not come out in the next couple of years then? brian: tell us what you think. have the clunkers worked for you have you bought? are you a dealer? the president of the united states an interesting tact yesterday. after going a couple of days without talking about health carat all he sat down with what he considers, some consider, a conserve fife talk show host -- conservative talk show host and had a 25-minute interview in which he took some calls. gretchen: he did. and the president laid out four things that absolutely must be in his idea of what health care reform is here they are. gretchen: must be deficit neutral. i'm not sure what that means. do you? peter: based on the h.r.3100 or whatever number, the big bill is, that there will be an impact. so i don't know where that's coming from. gretchen: it must bend the cost curve. he sounds like an ee condition mist. peter: that's another word for rationzing. gretchen: thank you, peter. insurance reform for all despite preexisting conditions. we've heard that before. peter: and there's agreement with the republicans on
regardly used exception to the 51-vote rule and they've turned it into a new rule. it's called the filibuster and means that the minority won't even allow something to be voted on without 60 senators giving it the nod. here's a little chart ha shows the use of the filibuster over time. see that huge spike at the end? that's what happened after the 2006 election in terms of the use of the filibuster when the republicans became the minority in the senate. that's how frequently they started filibustering stuff. instead of the filibuster being an exciting rare exception, when republicans lost their majority in the senate, they started filibustering everything. forcing democrats to get not just a simple a1-vote majority to pass legislation, but the 60 votes that would be needed to break the filibuster. 60 votes became the new rule. so, in other words, they did this. they changed a basic rule of the game order to make it harder for the democrats to score. and by and large the democrats just went along with it. they just accepted that the basket is suddenly 20% higher. they've trained
waves and rip currents. rob marciano is tracking it for us this morning. >> hot-button issues. taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for health care for illegal immigrants. president obama says that's simply not true. is that really the case? we have the truth squad this morning. >>> a bombshell accusation about president bush's white house straight from one of the most senior officials who work there. we're talking about tom ridge. he's out with a new book. in it, he claims the white house pressured him to raise the terror level days before the 2004 presidential election. the suggestion -- president bush's team was ready to use scare tactics to score political points. we'll talk to jeanne meserve. but first, the back story from our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. >> reporter: the friday before the 2004 election. only two or three points separated democrat john kerry from president bush. suddenly, a twist. osama bin laden released a shocking new videotape and it played nonstop on the arab language network al jazeera. >> translator: your security is not in the
tripoli, where the only man convicted of the bombing of the u.s. passenger jet over lockerbie in scotland 21 years ago is enjoying his forceful day of freedom. arguments are continuing, though, on whether the scottish authorities were right to release abdelbaset al-megrahi from prison on compassionate grounds, suffering from prostate cancer. british foreign secretary david miliband adding his voice. he described it as deeply distressing. 207 people lost their lives when a pan am jumbo jet was ripped apart by an explosion in 1988. many of the victims were american. let us get the latest. >> it was everything many relatives feared -- a convicted terrorist welcomed home as a hero. stepping of colonel khadafy's private jet, abdelbaset al- megrahi was showered and confetti and hugged by the libyan leader's son. he was now wearing a suit surrounded by it -- wearing a suit, surrounded by his countrymen. earlier crowds of young men gathered to show his support. al-megrahi's returns coincides with the 40th anniversary of the revolution that brought it back into power. >> the use of libya are the u
but have very little education, and often the and their-are uninsured and use medicare. if we want to reduce the insured population and avoid large costs for taxpayers in the healthcare system, we need to enforce immigration laws and reduce illegal immigrants in the country, and on legal immigration, moving forward, in the future, we would need to allow in many fewer immigrants who have little education. barring those two changes, i immigration will continue to have a very large impact on our healthcare system, a lots of folks who need medicaid with cascading series of wednesdays for the system. thank you. >> jim. >> i think it's evidence from steve has talk that immigration will affect and be affected by the health reform legislation being crafted in the house and the senate, with 12 to 15 million uninsured immigrants, this was discussed. their mere presence means that every provision of the legislation that is designed to extend health coverage to those without insurance will potential ly expand, as steve highlighted. the taxpayers' cost, by the billions if not tens of billions o
of reports of chemical issues. that is not true. >> us where rumors of the player's condition. >> there were rumors that several players were in critical condition, and that is not the case for review of the flyers were alert and to talk to arthur meighen we were able to gather information -- able to talk to us. we were able to gather information based on what they told >> taking hydration briggs and not waiting until it is too late -- >> all are expected to be treated and released. >> there is continuing coverage of the high school students injuries on our web site at you can also leave your comments about the story. >> baltimore police are investigating the city's latest,. authorities were called to the 100 block of south highland ave. there were reports of a man being shot. anyone with information should call baltimore police. the three suspects police say beat an elderly fisherman are behind bars. one of the man was a white supremacist. we are taking a closer look at hate crimes and the people who commit them. terry has the story. >> the victim is home from the hospital but b
areas west of winchester and front royal and that's the line that could be on top of us by 7:00, 7:30. let me show you earlier today. it was just pouring some spots across the area. we have heavier rain. came through our area. all parts between -- one continuous line stretching from areas around howard county through montgomery and fairfax and areas south. reduced visibility. there's some spots around here like rockville, maryland. and that picked up close to two inches of rainfall y.toda ndea rn we didn't have the widespread severe thunderstorm warnings across the area is because the tops were too low with these. here's the thing. we were under severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. you can see how the areas shade way back on the last frame. al variety, st. mary's and parts of the northern neck now. that really is it. plenty of lightning in those spots. curve enly hanging on. >> dale city, mt. vernon, showers moving through. let me take you to the echo path. this is what the future will be bringing us. 5:30, i-81, move coming through. late 7:00, more showers and possibly isolat
coast of the u.s. is next. chad myers watching every move. >>> some call it mercy. others a travesty. scotland's release of a libyan bomber was controversial enough. his arrival back home? outrageous. >>> and a former swimsuit model murdered. her ex-husband charged and on the run. we're pushing forward on the manhunt. >>> hello, everyone, i'm kyra phillips, live at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. you're live in the "cnn you're live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> warnings go out as hurricane bill closes in on bermuda. waves are already picking up, as we can see in these pictures from one of our i-reporters and along the u.s. east coast people are being advised to keep a close watch on the big storm. it's not expected to make a direct hit, but it's still going to produce some pretty dangerous riptides and mess up a lot of weekend plans. bill's impact is expected to be felt all the way from florida to new england and actually into canada. chad myers tracking hurricane bill for us there in the cnn severe weather center. what's going on, chad? >> i
out. the prospects for growth in the near term are good. and there are signs the u.s. housing market may be rebounding quicker than expected. home sales climbed more than 7% in july, the fourth straight monthly increase. foreclosures and other distressed properties are about a third of all transactions last month. >>> i knew abc news polls show half of americans now disapprove of the president's handling of health care. 46% approve. the health and human services secretary was at ohio trying to win support for the plan. she is confident that congress will try to come up with a workable bill after its august recess. >>> official election results will not be released until next week in afghanistan, but the leading campaign is already declaring victory. millions voted in the second presidential election, and despite violence and fear reducing the turnout, the presidential candidate accused incumbent president of stressing the ballot boxes. still, american officials say the election was a success. >>> they struck at least 40 times in a few hours. residents and police are searching for clu
. >> just giveve us about 10 or 1 minutes.s. >>>> but now they're at ththe cr ofof the o obama adminisistrati plan to keke b bk afghanisisn. >>>> make sure -- [ inaudibible. let's s go. >> this elite group p nicknamed the fast team has taken the drug-fighting expertisese here afghanistan. because this is where 90% of the world's heroin is produced. >> poppy seeds. doesn't look like my muffins back home. >> yeah, you smell it? >> all right. that's hash. >> money from the drug trade is believed to generate $125 million a year. >> oh, yeah. all this right here. oh, here's the sifters. >> and from the taliban and the growing insurgencies in pakistan and afghanistan and possibly al qaeda, tarentino leads his men on four deployments. their mission is to collect evidence and build legal cases against some of the most corrupt drug dealers. >> all right. >> often, targeting smaller dealers to build larger cases. >> handcuffs -- that's what i need. i need to talk to the women. you're under arrest. illegal possession of narcotics. >> this arrested man just told his distraught wife th he i
be insane. if president obama could articulate how exactly the investment would help all of us, i believe he might succeed in his quest to make health care more sensible. americans are a generous people, we give more money to the poor than any other country on earth. if you harm the economy of the nation, you are hurting more people and you are helping. that is what the president doesn't understand. it is a fact, since he has been in office, we have spent more money than at any other time in history and now he wants another trillion dollar entitlement. in the long run, he says it will be cost efficient but the congressional budget office says baloney. americans are skeptical. just 49% of americans hold a favorable view of the democratic party which is down from 62% last winter. while government spending least people very concerned. this does not improve the health care system but it can be done in a smart way which strips federal oversight on insurance companies. the left-wing doesn't want to hear that because they want income redistribution. government run health care is a way to do that. c
"ectonight. damon green of itn has our report. >> reporter: this used to be an aircraft, and for those who boarded as passengers, there was no way out. today the man convicted of blowing a passenger jet into fragments and violently ending the lives of all 270 people on board, learned he will be free to live out his remaining days in peace. >> it is my decision that mr. abdel basset al megrahi, convicted in 2001 for the a jddq uq)minally ill with pros cancer be released on compassionate grounds and be allowed to return to libya to die. >> reporter: the destruction of pan am flight 103 remains one of the bloodiest terror attacks ever launched at the west and one which was immediately blamed on libya. at the time of the lockerbie bombing, the nation was a pariah state, internationally shunned, accused of sponsoring terrorism. its leader a figure of hate in the west. it was only after 15 years of sanctions that libya finally admitted it carried out the bombing and paid compensation to victims' families. and within a year, tony blair was visiting tripoli to show that relations were back to normal, a co
the terror alert. >>> and good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. today is friday, august 21st. >> it is ever. >> we are gad to say that. angie is here with traffic and get you around any problems that are creeping up and kim is here to say roll up the windows, turn on the air conditioner. >> and get the hair spray out. >> oh, yeah. >> or the pony tail. >> whatever you can do. it is air you can wear alert. it means the humidity. if you have corelly hair it will be crazy curly and if you have the straight hair it will be flat. the second half of the weekend will be good. that's the bright news. the straight to the point forecast. right to what you want to know. 4:00 to 8:00 thunderstorms inside the beltway. some might train over the same spots. if that haatppppuls thco d tolicafllod ngzecooo di. localized flooding. on doppler i will show you where we have thunderstorms developing. kaiser, west virginia, moving in to cumberland right now. you are in the spotlight. and this is a band of shower and storms creeping ever closer to us. afternoon and late afternoon is the goal locally
, pulled us out or we could stand. it was scary. >> the tide is out, and people are playing on the flash. if it continues to build, it could be a dangerous situation. this weekend, make sure you are in front of one of the members of the beach patrol. it is possible that there will be restricted swimming as the storm approaches. >> don't forget, you can check the weather at the beach at any time by going to the weather section of our website. >>> surprising new details about a story we saw first on abc 7. thieves are using firefighters tools to break into a series of atms. courtney robinson is live in prince george's county. the equipment may have been stolen? >> that is something that investigators are looking into tonight. prince george's county fire tells us that back in april, one of their fire trucks went in for repairs. when it came back, it was missing some of the equipment similar to that of what firefighters we spoke to believe the thieves used in the theft. in less than one minute, thieves bust open this atm, take the cash, and run into a waing blue truck. customers and employee
, everyone. ben bernanke said today the prospects for economic growth in the u.s. appear to be "good," and those comments triggered a stock market rally. speaking at a conference in jackson hole, wyoming, the federal reserve chairman gave a more upbeat forecast compared to the fed's statement last week after a central bank policy meeting. but bernanke also warned of "critical challenges". specifically, bernanke said financial firms face "significant losses," businesses and consumers are experiencing difficulty in getting credit, the economic recovery will be "relatively slow," and he expects a gradual recovery in unemployment. bernanke defended the actions taken by the fed during the financial crisis, saying they averted an "imminent collapse" of the financial system. joining us now with more analysis, robert mcteer, former president of the federal reserve bank of dallas and currently distinguished fellow at the national center for policy analysis. nice to see you on the program again. >> thank you, susie, good to be with you. >> susie: is ben bernanke right about the economic outloo
the results later on in the program. joining me now is congressman jim moran. great to have you with us tonight. >> it's always good to be with you, ed. >> what do you make of tom daschle being invited over to the white house today. is this a signal that the president may be ready to make a decision on the public option and draw the line in the sand? what's your take on that meeting? iechlt i have no idea what tom told the president, ed. i hope he didn't suggest that we compromise because listening to the beginning of your show, i completely agree with you. this thing doesn't work unless we have a public option. any more than the military care of veterans works without the federal government taking on the responsibility to make sure that every veteran gets medical care that we need. same thing with medicare. it wouldn't have worked if we had come up with some kind of nonprofit cooperative based upon seniors getting together and pooling their resources. when something is important enough, the american people need to get together, get the resources of their government in there and do it r
to the west used to isolate libya. he was released on compassionate grounds after recently being given only a few months to live. scottish law allows prisoners to be shown compassion but many family members of the victims are outraged including one here in maryland. >> he brutally murdered 270 people, i see no tron grant him any amnesty. and that's what this amounts to. he's going home to his family. not to another prison or even a hospital there. >> the family says they are still trying to work through their grief and reeling from the decision, one they don't think they will ever understand. >> tom ridge says he was pressured by former members of president george w. bush's cab note raise the terror alert level before the 2004 presidential election and he said he objected to raiseing the security level despite the urging of donald rumsfeld and ashcroft. it was a video released and president bush left the terror alert unchanged. >> 14 days is what you have left to change trade in your old car for the cash for clunkers program. >> call it a cash for clunkers selloff this weekend. >> move fast
skies and showers and thunderstorms with us. temperatures in the 70s for the next couple of hours. we'll have the complete forecast as well as looking it at hurricane bill. >>> a man shot and killed through the window of his east baltimore home. it is a murder that has shaken his community. it happened south island in east baltimore at 4:30 on thursday. tonight brian reports on the story behind yet another baltimore homicide. >> reporter: daunte gunner was murdered yesterday. the name may not mean much to you. but for this diverse neighborhood on the east side his death shattered nerves as wrecklessly as the three bullet holes through his window. >> i can honestly say it does. everybody was just feeling sick about it. >> reporter: because for this block it doesn't take long to see the angers on people's faces. daunte was a mentor to the kids around here. he has a criminal record but some say it used it to counsel other youths against the lifestyle. a beloved voice silenced. >> someone banged on the door. when the victim walked up to the window to look out to see who it was knockin
. word of a $29,000 ben us for the baltimore city schools chief is drawing fire from parents, teachers an union leaders. but tonight the chairman of the school board is defending the bonus. he says the money is for dr. alonso's imprufrments if the school system that occurred under his leadership. >>> it's no bail for the two taej charged in the racially motivated beating of a 76-year-old man. emanuel miller and zachary watson were arrested yesterday. 28-year-old calvin lockner is being held without bail. mr. privott was see veerl beaten while fishing with his wife. the taens face charges including first degree murder. >>> the man who escaped from a howard county sheriff's deputy is back in custody tonight. u.s. marshals found 20-year-old devon champagne of jessup last night hiding inside a wall in a home near richmond virginia. the sheriff's office said champagne had just been convicted of felony theft last week whether he attacked the deputy who was driving him to the detention center. champagne used his handcuffs to choke and hit the deputy and tried to take his gun before climbing o
on the cuban revolution. thank you very much for joining us. that is the end of "washington journal." back tomorrow at 7:00 eastern time. thank you for joining us. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] . >> the president then heads to camp david this afternoon and will depart for martha's vineyard on sunday where his family will stay through august 30. in an hour or so, we will give you live coverage of today's white house briefing with press secretary robert gibbs. tonight on tv, author alice walker, winner of the pulitzer prize for her book "the color purple." par-3 our program starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span -- our three-hour program starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> john mccaslin, interviewed by keith stroup, founder of norml, on "after words" on c- span's book tv. >> frank mankiewicz, campaign manager for george mcgovern, on the time when walter cronkite was considered for vice president. sunday at 8:00 on c-span. >> c-span's healthcare hub is a key resource. follow the latest tweets and the link
state park, a vehicle fire remains on the scene there so use caution. as we check the jfx, traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. jamie, back to you. >>> it's 6:00. this is bad. every coach will tell you this is what they are scared of most. linda so has a typical august practice that should be a warning sign for all of us. >> reporter: high school football players were gearing up for another season. it happened during practice yesterday around 5:00 p.m. players with the ken island buccaneers varsity team were on the field when they started to get sick because it was so hot. some developed cramps and nausea. none were seriously injured but they had to be taken to local hospitals for heat exhaustion. some were released last night. some are still there. caroline newman's son was taken to the hospital. >> they started feeling really bad, getting overheated. they all started feeling bad. >> reporter: this hot weather can be dangerous. remember, there are things you can do to prevent heat-related illnesses. stay hydrated, drink lots of fluids but stay away from alcohol and
not be a bad idea to grab your umbrella. >> tucker barnes joins us with a look at the forecast and a update on hurricane bill. >> thank you very much. and we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast this aftnoon. and plenty of midity. let's get righ a i . tydi let's get right to i theet in t t he afternoon, you could ershe t s s er fashs noow-- showers s tno r offoward western d mndalary lan closer. 'rg tt so we have the leading of edge m llwie ovy ati will move hesp moi red anth re and i think we'll understorms firing an msunorint firdeg up later today. temperatures right now, we are warming up. we're currently in the 80s. let's take a look at the temperatures. 88 degrees right now. humidity 59%. saving grace is the wind, out of the south and west at 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the remainder of the day. partial sunshine and partly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and some could be with very favy rain. and let's go to hurricane bill and we'll give you the latest because i'm giving an update. still a category three hurricane, maxi
for being with us. >> have to say thank goodness for the little bit of a breeze we have out there. 80-degree at 5:00 in the morning. we want to dobetter than that. satellite-radar, there areome clouds out there but not too bad citnd gosour sk ionsconditions go. we'll see a decent sunrise today. i think it will be a mix of clouds and sun during the day, i think da iy, t ink ou dshiclou build in duri trsheoue cof the affect. teeratures around the region, here in d.c., it 0 8isddop grf grma ofw ffopa few degrees during the early- morning hours. let's hope so before it starts to go on the rise again today. here is your day planner for today. partly sunny skies this morning. more clouds later on today. a hot, humid day a high around 90-degree or into the lower 90s in some areas and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms today and some of those thunderstorms could have some heavy downpours. we'll tell you more about that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. >>> let's welcome julie wright and see how her friday is going so far. >> in the so bad. we have the
, four u.s. soldiers have been charged with hazing and terrorizing a young soldier until he took his own life. we get the disturbing details now from nbc's jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. mik. >> reporter: david, one of the more tragic stories out of iraq recently. four u.s. soldiers are charged with cruelty for allegedly abusing and harassing a young soldier, possibly driving him to his death. the victim is 19-year-old keifer wilhelm in iraq ten days. the four soldiers including three sergeants are alleged to have constantly humiliated the soldier and repeatedly forced him to perform grueling exercises and crawl in the dirt until his legs bled. a little less than two weeks ago, keifer went off on his own and shot himself to death with his m-16. tonight, keifer's father told us he was a lovable kid who never got into trouble and always respected authority. now if court martialed and convicted, these four americans could get anywhere from 8 to 25 years in a military prison. now the tragic irony to awful this is these four soldiers were part of a brand new u.s. army brigade sent to iraq
tavis: good evening from los angeles. i'm tavis smiley. first up tonight, a conversation with u.s. secretary of education, arne duncan. after a run as chief to have chicago public school system he is in charge of public education for the obama white house. goals include the push for more charter schools in the us. also tonight, the founder of the enter dependence day, benjamin barber. his gathering takes place in turkey next month and emphasizes the need for global cooperation on a wide range of issues. arne duncan and political theorist benjamin barber coming up right now. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better but mostly we're looking forward to helping build stronger communities and relationships because with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance working to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you.
? >>> and finally, what separates john ensign's affair from bill clinton? ensign has the answer for us. that's in the "sideshow" tonight. >>> we begin with the revelation by former homeland security secretary tom ridge that top bush administration officials pushed him to raise the terror threat level in the weekend just before the 2004 presidential election. here was the scene that friday before the election in 2004. members of the bush administration's national security team assembled to weigh the u.s. response to a new bin laden videotape. here is how ridge described the meeting. quote, a vigorous some might say dramatic discussion ensued. ashcroft strongly urged an increase in the threat level and was supported by rumsfeld. there was absolutely no support from that position within our department. that's homeland security. none. i wondered, is this about security or politics? post election analysis had demonstrated a significant increase in the president's approval rating in the days after the raising of the threat level t seemed possible to me and others around the table that something co
you know it's bad when football players used to playing in the heat. when it gets them, it's bad. >> all of that 25 to 30 pounds of equipment on them. >> yeah. >> everybody should take it easy. who has respiratory problems. you know the drill. we will get through a couple of more days, patrice mentioned, it we will be seeing cooler drier air, not tomorrow, not -- not tood, not tomorrow, but on sunday. the system has had a history of nasty storms with, when it gets here by later on this afternoon, the leading edge edge of it will be thunderstorm activity and still the humidity builds up tomorrow. as you can see the temperatures flirting with 80-degree mark, at oakland the exception, 68 as cooler air has started to filter in there. we have one or two more days of the triple hhhs, that is right, 85, and 89 by lunchtime and topping out in the 90 degrees. could heavy scattered thunderstorms especially after 5 or 6:00 tonight. we will update you on hurricane bill and the impact he might have here at home. what do you say we check in right now on friday morning whether folks are taking
, that will be with us tonight. from elkton, north of dover, south of that region, more storms from henderson to delaware, salisbury, yet to see it. it's beginning to weaken. we have another batch to the west, that is probably going to get us around 8:00 tonight. some of the storms produce heavy rain and maybe some brief gusty winds. >> thank you. two teenagers charged in what is called a hate crime will spend the next month in jail. >> reporter: the teens charged with attempted murder. a judge ordered the two held without bail. the teens were with calvin when he beat a man early tuesday. the 76-year-old was fishing at the park. he's a white supremacist. after the beating, the summit stole his suv to get away. they were with him but did not participate in the beatings according to them. >> a preliminary hearing scheduled for september 18th. >>> an inmate wanted for >> for wjz, the government is putting the brakes on the "cash for clunkers" program. >>> douglas smith took a look at the ford hybrid and sat down to fill out the paper work. >> he got here just in time to save $4500. the "cash for clunk
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